QED Method Libraries

About QED Method – Time Libraries

QED Libraries include Images, GSD methods and GSD based international Standard Minutes Values (SMV’s) for each component, or “Features”.

Used in conjunction with GSD QUEST software, GSD’s QED Libraries form the foundation of an industry standard Labour Costing solution which may be used by non-technical, costing and product development staff.

When used in conjunction with GSD Enterprise, QED data libraries offer full operation breakdown for each component in order that the working method maybe fine-tuned for local factory conditions and used for the basis of work quantification and productivity improvements.

QED data is compiled using the pedigree and integrity that is inherent within GSD, and all Standard Times are constructed with strict adherence to the guidelines on ethical application of Work Measurement, as set out by the International Labour Organisation, Geneva. QED data is subsequently fully auditable, from Style SMV’s, down through Features, Operations, GSD Codes and Times and includes appropriate allowances for Rest & Relaxation, Machine Delay and Contingencies.














Apparel and Sewn Products

Supply chain pressure

...brings shorter production runs and design cycles, quick delivery, and smaller margins... meaning traditional methods of product development and manufacture... be that of new or existing products... may no longer be relevant. All this whilst maintaining a high degree of Social Compliance !