GSD Methodology

GSD Methodology

GSD Codes
GSD is a scientific manufacturing methods analysis process which, through the application of codes with Predetermined Times Standards (PTS), accurately & consistently establishes “Standard Time” for the apparel and sewn products industries

GSD codes are used to analyse and improve working methods, and offers speed, accuracy and consistency through the ethical application of recognised work measurement processes. A one minute operation might take approximately ten minutes to analyse, which is more than twenty times faster than conventional Time Study – and GSD offers far greater objectivity and accuracy.

Operations are then grouped into “Features” such as a) pocket, b) collar, or c) cuff, which, as well as reducing the analysis time for new garments, makes it possible for non-technical personnel to create a Bill of Labour and a labour costing from a sketch or technical specification. As more features and operations are added to the growing database, analysis of new products becomes quicker and quicker as existing features are modified and re-used.

Operations and Features are brought together at Style level to enable reports to be created for costing, line balancing, production allocation, preproduction planning and thread consumption.












Apparel and Sewn Products

Supply chain pressure

...brings shorter production runs and design cycles, quick delivery, and smaller margins... meaning traditional methods of product development and manufacture... be that of new or existing products... may no longer be relevant. All this whilst maintaining a high degree of Social Compliance !