GSD Practical Application

GSD Practical Application is undertaken in the factory and offers the newly qualified GSD Practitioner the opportunity to apply their recently acquired skills in a live working environment. Under the guidance of our Training & Productivity Consultant, one or more core styles are selected from current production and each style is analysed with GSD to establish current working methods and times. The GSD Practitioners are then encouraged to develop and evaluate new, more productive working methods and, once quantified, such methods are subsequently implemented within the production lines. The impact of GSD application is therefore felt at a very early stage – even before the training and implementation project is complete. All such improvements are documented, and a comparison made between the original and the new method/time.

The duration of the Practical Applictaion is a minimum of two weeks and up to 8 qualified GSD Practitioners may be accommodated during this element of the training programme.

At the end of the project a formal report is presented to senior management , wherein a comparison between original documented minutes and the international SMV’s generated by GSD is made.

Moreover, documented and quantifiable productivity improvements may then be used for calculating the expected Return on Investment (ROI) for the GSD implementation project.














Apparel and Sewn Products

Supply chain pressure

...brings shorter production runs and design cycles, quick delivery, and smaller margins... meaning traditional methods of product development and manufacture... be that of new or existing products... may no longer be relevant. All this whilst maintaining a high degree of Social Compliance !