Practioner Training

GSD Practitioner Training

The GSD Practitioner Certificate is an internationally recognised qualification and is an essential precursor to the use and application of GSD Enterprise software. The GSD Practitioner qualification is gained through attendance at a formal GSD Practitioner training programme, which culminates in theoretical and practical examination and (for those who successfully complete the training) GSD Practitioner Certification. Successful trainees are subsequently registered as authorised GSD Practitioners within their designated and licensed organisation.

The purpose of the Practitioner training is not only to guide the student through the various levels and applications of the GSD system – but also to ensure that each attendee is sufficiently capable, competent and confident in applying GSD with accuracy and consistency. Only through professional and world-class training can we ensure that users of GSD adhere strictly to the ethical application of Work Measurement.

The training includes comprehensive exposure to the GSD codes, times and application rules – and theoretical and practical visualisation exercises reinforce the need for accurate and consistent Work Measurement, continuous improvement and adherence to the industrial engineering guidelines laid down by the International Labour Organisation, Geneva.

The duration of the Practitioner training is one full week. Up to 8 people may attend and the training is conducted either on-site or in a classroom environment.














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...brings shorter production runs and design cycles, quick delivery, and smaller margins... meaning traditional methods of product development and manufacture... be that of new or existing products... may no longer be relevant. All this whilst maintaining a high degree of Social Compliance !