Business Challenges (Manufacturers)

Benchmarking Efficiency
GSD creates a benchmark for quantification of Factory Efficiency and Operator Performance. Production targets are accurately and consistently derived from the international standard that is GSD, and manufacturers may then evaluate their competitiveness against that international standard and subsequently manage their business more effectively.

Product Costing
Used at “Feature” level by Costing Engineers, Product Development and Merchandisers alike, GSD’s simple, “drag & drop” interface quickly and efficiently establishes a design specific cost indication for new styles.

Business today is extremely competitive. Timely supply of rapidly changing styles in lower production quantities with smaller profit margins means manufacturers must reduce internal cost and increase productivity.

Social Compliance
Through the adoption of ethically sound work quantification practices, GSD (which adheres strictly to the guidelines on Work Measurement set out by the International Labour Organisation, Geneva) helps companies achieve and demonstrate high auditable Social Compliance standards. Accurate and consistent Work Measurement also leads to better planning, more accurate, consistent and achievable production targets, improvements in productivity, reduction in working hours and excessive overtime and helps optimise wages through increased profit and  achievable, motivating incentive schemes.















Apparel and Sewn Products

Supply chain pressure

...brings shorter production runs and design cycles, quick delivery, and smaller margins... meaning traditional methods of product development and manufacture... be that of new or existing products... may no longer be relevant. All this whilst maintaining a high degree of Social Compliance !